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The well-renowned Thai Hotel Management company, Unicorn Hospitality, has revealed its grand endeavor to open its first Maldivian property in the early quarter of 2021, the ZAZZ Escapes Maldives which is a brand-new beach resort located on a beautiful private island, Villingilivaru, in South Ari atoll, less than 100 kilometers away from Male city. The hotel shall be reached by 25-minutes direct seaplane flight from Trans Maldives terminal in the capital or a stunning speedboat ride arranged by the resort itself that would take you 90 minutes across the serene Indian Ocean enjoying the unadulterated marine beauty and the visions of energetic flying fishes and acrobatic dolphins.

As part of the giant ZAZZ Escapes Collection, this newly-opening Maldives resort would be featuring luxurious private island accommodation for adults guests being a modern oasis that has been blessed with all the charm and grandeur of nature-chic elements and captivating surroundings of picture-perfect turquoise water, powder-soft sugar-sandy beaches, deep-blue hued Indian Ocean, picnic spots and house reefs. The Zazz Escapes Maldives literally enjoys its much-coveted existence overlooking wide stretches of lagoons on its either side separated by blue ocean channels.

Zazz Escapes Maldives to Showcase Unique Accommodation & Facilities!

The resort ensures exclusive service for each guest by setting up a limited number of occupancy, hence the calm and romantic atmosphere everywhere. With the advantage of scenic surroundings of pristine natural elements and its location in the secluded yet desirable South Ari atoll, Zazz Escapes Maldives would be meaning to provide an other-worldly getaway mingling both the ingredients of nature and the modernity. That is what a true Maldivian destination should be aiming at and Zazz Escapes Resort tries to define it in its own way that would fit the norms of 2020s. You shall choose from a total of 101 water villas and beach villas in five luxury room categories; Z Beach, Z Top, H2O Villa, H2O Pool Villa & Z Pearl.

Each residence unit would be featuring high-end amenities like Zazz's signature bedding, luxury and complimentary toiletries, modern bathroom facilities, filled minibar, television, safe and air condition. With six restaurants and bars, it is pretty much sure that even the most discernible palates would be satiated here. At its vibrant eateries, they share not just food, but culture; that is more diverse and interesting than ethnicity and language and the more funnier the more we get to know. The wellness program for our loyal guests shall be realized through the iconic medi-holistic Zspa, a complete rejuvenation center where various treatments, therapies, and beauty services are provided.

  • Zazz Maldives Room Types
    Zazz Maldives Room Types
  • Zazz Maldives Room Types
    Zazz Maldives Room Types
  • Zazz Maldives Room Types
    Zazz Maldives Room Types

Fun Elements at Zazz Escapes Resort for Perfect Holidays & Vacations!

Just like what the name suggests, Zazz Escapes Resort would be a perfect getaway to escape from the hustle and bustle of your daily life and to regain the harmony of your mind that has been lost somewhere through life. Here at Zazz Escapes Maldives, you shall find both peace and fun, more precisely a new vision to see something special about anything before you rather than neglecting. It welcomes you to revel and rejoice like never before, participating in a wide range of leisure and entertainment activities that have been set both on the water and on the island. When the beach facilitates various couples-friendly games and activities like cooking classes, DJ nights, beach volleyball, and movies, the water sports would take place on the lagoon.

Happy for underwater-fun-seekers, the resort has more than six dive-friendly coral house reefs nearby for you to enjoy the advanced levels of diving and snorkeling with the aid of our certified PADI dive center and its crew.

  • Zazz Maldives Water Sports
    Zazz Maldives Water Sports

The Unicorn Hospitality Group of Hotels & Resorts!

Established in 2015, Unicorn Hospitality is an all modern Taiwan based hotel management group having world-famous luxury destinations and resorts in its portfolio. It currently owns six brands; Unicorn Hotels & Resorts, Live By Kly, Hangout By Kly, Kly Hotels & Resorts and Zazz Hotels and The Unchained Collection which this brand-new resort belongs to. Developed by Asia Prestige Management (APM), a Hong Kong-based property developers, The Zazz Escapes Maldives Resort, would be the foot-step for the group Unicorn Hospitality to the soil of Maldives. Hopefully, it would be an epoch-making turn out for both. The Zazz Escape in South Ari Atoll was previously known as Ranveli Island Resort and it was obtained by APM In 2018.

  • Zazz Maldives Food & Beverages
    Zazz Maldives Food & Beverages


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