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Redefining the face of Maldives private island resort tourism, The Marina at Crossroads Maldives is first to present the epoch-making innovation of integrated multi-resort entertainment and leisure destination in Maldives with a joint enterprise of various luxury island hotels nearby. The project aims to revamp the structure of the pivotal region of Maldives and enhance its charm as a multifaceted leisure center for all sorts of travelers like nowhere else in the world.


Located just 15-minute speedboat journey away from Valena International Airport in Male, the capital city, this dream project by Singha Estate, CROSSROADS MALDIVES, is a dedicated island of all luxury recreational and fun elements and lavish facilities integrating various private island resorts. CROSSROADS Maldives, otherwise known as Emboodhoo Lagoon, is a total of nine reclaimed islands, that situate close to each other spanning over 7 kilometers long, distanced by eight kilometers from capital Male.

The concept means a luxurious island township of fun and pleasure consisting of separate nearby resorts like Hard Rock Hotel & Resort, Saii Lagoon Resort of Curio Collection by Hilton and various other resorts opening shortly with their own arrival jetty and methods of transfer for arrival. The Marina at CROSSROADS Maldives would be a beautifully aligned lifestyle beach walk of 800-meter length where most of the amenities are located. The remaining islands of the project would showcase the rest.

  • Marina At Crossroads
    Marina At Crossroads

Maldives Discovery Center

Maldives Discovery Center here on CROSSROADS would be a unique attraction on the site where guests are lucky to experience a live interaction with Maldives’ cultural and natural attractions which would give you an insight to the soul of this archipelago. This magical land of wonders and mystics has a lot to share with you and you shall get to know the heritage of Maldives to the marrow from here. Here you are not only having some fun time but also educating yourselves. Watch and observe the origin and sustain of this land.

  • Crossroads Maldives Marine Discovery Centre
    Crossroads Marine Discovery Centre
  • Crossroads Maldives Marine Discovery Centre
    Crossroads Marine Discovery Centre
  • Crossroads Maldives Marine Discovery Centre
    Crossroads Marine Discovery Centre

Koimala & Maalimi - Junior Beach Club and Camp

The junior beach club on the site, The Koimala & Maalimi, would be another mind-blowing facility in here at CROSSROADS which would be way too advanced and creative set-up ever built up in its class. This iconic junior club shows that this entertainment island welcomes guests of all ages and has special provisions for children and families. The club has well-trained staffs and trainers to look after the kids in here. Children of 4 to 12 years old would be taken in here. There would be aquatic play-area for kids along with plenty of them on land as well, featuring wide varieties of play-equipment.

The club aims not only to entertain the kids but to enrich their thoughts and social awareness about the importance of protecting nature and its resources as well through stories and games. Named after two characters in a popular child fiction, Marlin (Koimala) and a sea turtle (Maalimi), this junior club sets up various recreational and funny activities for the kids which would help them get more acquainted with the nuances of nature and teach them to find beauty with even the tiniest particle of nature. The inflatable water park located on the shallow lagoon would be quite entertaining for young fun-seekers.

  • Koimala Maalimi Beach Club Crossroads
    Koimala Maalimi Beach Club

Dive Center & Water Sports

Marine Discover Center on at CROSSROADS Maldives would be a grand exploration of its ocean and lagoon by means of various underwater activities and water sports. Travelers are getting opportunities to raid the lagoon surface and enjoy the deep-ocean wonders of Maldives. The officials would ensure the service of expert divers and underwater professionals. You would be carrying out each activity under hundred percent protection and guidance by the PADI staffs.

The CROSSROADS Maldives is truly blessed to have adorable crystal-clear water lagoons and vibrant coral reefs studded all across. Snorkeling and scuba diving here at CROSSROADS would be giving you best underwater moments. You shall be provided with the equipment and gears for the water activities from here on rent. Available water sports in here include kite-surfing, windsurfing, catamaran, stand-up paddle, kayak, jet-ski, sea-bob, parasailing, waterski, wakeboard, kneeboard, flyboard, free diving, snorkeling, scuba diving and night dives.

Event Hall at CROSSROADS

For those who would like to hold their gathering of any sort in an unprecedented style, CROSSROADS Maldives has set ready possibly the biggest rentable space in the Maldives here with unbelievably large space and stunning facilities all over. This multi-purpose luxury venue would cover a total area of 423 square meters featuring three event halls with high ceilings everywhere providing a truly elegant look for the occasions held here. The break-out rooms in here would be perfect for conference, meeting or workshops.

You shall hire the main hall for your exclusive functions and occasions or dinner that would be professionally assisted by experienced event-management team coupled with catering group. With seating for a large group of guests, this elegant event-hall would be located just a-minute stroll away over a nice footbridge, overlooking the magnificent Marina.

  • Crossroads Maldives Event Hall
    Crossroads Maldives Event Hall

Restaurants & Shops

Literally making the CROSSROADS Maldives, the integrated island tourism concept, a dedicated enterprise for supreme entertainment and uncontrolled fun, there would be plenty of restaurants and shops on each and every corner of the CROSSROADS. Guests shall get to know the flavors and ingredients from all parts of continents of the world. Each restaurant would be showcasing culinary diversities from various countries. High-skilled chefs would be waiting there to stun your eyes and tongue with their crafty making of meals. There would be an adequate number of special bars and drinking hubs where you shall get yourselves quality beers, select wines, energy drinks, cocktails and fresh juices.

Asia’s best two restaurant teams would be taking up their role in here as their début in Maldives; Ministry of Crab and Nihonbashi. Some of dining centers are Kebab & Kurry for Indian Cuisine, Jiao Wu for Chinese cuisine and Kin Kao for Thai cuisine. Also the island would feature a varied chain of retail shops and boutiques of multi-purpose. There would be jewelries, souvenir shops, foot-wears and accessory stores. Xerjoff Perfume on the site would be a place for wide selection of brand Italian perfumes.

  • Restaurants

Len Spa Center - Ultimate Wellness

Ultimate bliss of holistic spa experience for you! LEN Spa would be a game-changer type of wellness center featuring all sorts of wellness packages for the guests like spa therapies, spa rituals, beauty services, oil massages and facial so on. Massages would be demanded for all parts of the body; you just need to tell them. With lavish lounges for relaxing and welcome, there would be an adequate number of treatment rooms including for couples. Here you are restored with freshness and energy. The title name of the spa, “len” is a Thai word which means “to play”. Likewise, you are boosting your internal part with plays and fun here at Len Spa as well.

  • Len Spa Center
    Len Spa Center

Cafe del Mar

Cafe del Mar Maldives club would be the iconic set up here at CROSSROADS Maldives that would provide an all-time merry-making ambiance for your supreme relax in here coupled with an elegant dining experience and access to various fun activities. This illustrious beach club by Ibiza would come with a spacious indoor and outdoor space with stunning design works on each part of the building. There would be more than 300 daybeds spread along the poolside adjacent to the beach and 400 seats as well. Three private beach cabanas would be presented together with a beautiful swim-up bar.

The availability of wide selection foods and drinks would be another characteristic of the Café del Mar. The club has a premium casual restaurant that would house 150 guests at a time and presents a lavish menu for meals prepared by expert chefs using varied cuisines. Dining experience would be enhanced with the accompaniment of a vibrant setting surrounded by nature where nice music would float around. There would be bars and snack centers and various other dining hubs at the club where you shall enjoy pizzas, tapas, cocktails and light snacks...

  • Cafe del Mar
    Cafe del Mar


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