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It would really be a nice thing to the ears of travel-loving Arabs from Dubai that Maldives, the world's best travel destination in the world has made all the preparation for you with special Maldives travel packages from Dubai and resorts and halal accommodation. Maldives is literally a paradise by nature with hundred percent natural resources and genuine ingredients of beauty. Maldives is a collection of a thousand plus small islands in the form of chains located amidst blue azure shallow lagoons with white sandy beaches. There are more than a hundred of private island resorts in Maldives where top luxury accommodation is available.

Lets introduce you various special Dubai and Maldives honeymoon packages for newly-wedded couples who would like to have an awesome romantic get-away experience for the auspicious outset of their togetherness in one of the best private islands. Also, if you would like a familial expedition, we also have attractive Dubai and Maldives holiday packages for family with extra fun. Read on to know the general information about how to reach Maldives from Dubai and booking Maldives packages from Dubai.

Distance from Dubai to Maldives!

Set across the serene water of great Indian Ocean, on south-east of Arab countries, Maldives is around 3100 kilometers away from Dubai, otherwise distanced by around 1900 miles. That means taking a Maldives trip is less of a hassle for you guys from Dubai for its convenient proximity. As far as the time difference between both countries, Maldives is one hour ahead of Dubai, indicating not much difference. Peoples from Maldives would speak English along with their mother tongue Dhivehi. Male being the capital, Maldivian Rufiyaa is its currency. One UAE Dirham amounts to 4.21 Maldivian Rufiyaa.

  • Dubai to Maldives distanced by around 1900 miles
    Dubai to Maldives route map

Flight Details from Dubai to Maldives!

With multitudes of flight services and near location of the Maldives, traveling to Maldives from Dubai is much easier and convenient. Distanced by near to 3000 kilometers, a direct flight from Dubai to Maldives would only take you less than 5 hours to reach. Valena International Airport in Male city is the major international airport in the country. There are various major airlines flying their crafts between the countries, so booking a Maldives trip even at the last minute is easy in the matter of Dubai. There are flights on daily basis from non-stop to various number of stops. For a round trip flight from Dubai to Male in economic class on a non-stop airbus, the ticket would cost you less than 3000 AED with small variations.

  • Emirates operates daily trip from Dubai to Maldives
    Emirates operates Trip from Dubai to Maldives
  • Booking a Maldives trip
    Booking a Maldives trip

Arab Friendly Maldives Packages!

Since Malives is a Muslim country, Arab tourists as well can expect well-equipped and most satisfying kind of accommodation in Maldives. Almost all resorts in Maldives would provide attractive Dubai Maldives vacation packages with halal accommodation and food with special recognition to the increasing number of Arab travelers. If you are newly-wedded couples, booking honeymoon packages from dubai to Maldives will provide you supreme privacy for your personal moments. You wont have to bother about your Aurath or the like. Your villa will be secluded by vegetation if it is on the beach, or it would be covered nicely if over water. You will be provided private pool and private beach area where none will enter. Even room boys could be put on hold if you want to.

For families as well, best accommodation will be ensured with your concerns conveniently met with. You will have facilities to perform your daily performance of Salah.Your butler will brief you on the Qibla. You shall book your best Maldives packages from Dubai for your familial enjoyment from us for the best experience. We would help you choose the right spot for you with access to every fun element in Maldives. Even if it is the case of island hopping in here, your concerns are totally beyond doubt with even locals keeping your ways of faith and morality.

  • Arabian dinner setup in Maldives beach
    Arabian dinner setup in Maldives beach

Tips for Booking Perfect Dubai Maldives Packages?

There are many things you need to keep in mind in order to make your UAE to Maldives package a perfect made one. We shall help you have some great time in Maldives. It is a widely asked question that how to get VISA to Maldives from Dubai! The answer is clear-cut and more comforting. Tourists need no VISA to enter Maldives. You will be granted a 30-day VISA permit once you got through the immigration process at Velana Airport. Also, it is a preferable thing that you ask us for choosing for you the best resort for your accommodation in Maldives. Since Muslims, you might have to care about various resort amenities. We shall help you book the best halal resorts in Maldives as per your requirements.

For tourists, it is always better to book round trip flight ticket for both smooth functioning at airport and your convenient departure. Guests need to show your itinerary and flight ticket copy at immigration since the on-arrival VISA system persists. Needless to say, you best keep both in your handbag. Plus, booking round way ticket might reduce your travel cost to a considerable degree. If you are into experience Maldives to its fullest, it is better to book packages of minimum three nights and you can think of splitting your nights between overwater villa and beach villa. If you would like, you can extend your day of departure after your resort accommodation, and explore Male city would be some good experience.

  • When u arrive in maldives you will be granted a 30-day on arrival VISA permit
    You will be granted a 30-day VISA permit once you got through the immigration process at Velana Airport


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