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Be different and dare do the unique when it comes to your wedding also! That is how you are going to be remembered. Union with your most beloved should always be something holy and sacred for you and it should be an everlasting memory for the rest of your togetherness. That is what we are intending with planning a destination wedding in Maldives! There is no place in the world other than Maldives to tie your knot if you want to break away from the stereotypical ways of marriages and think of a wedding ceremony of your choice accompanied by the blessing of nature and luxury.

Maldives is literally a heaven on earth with unadulterated beauty and unique elegance. Beautiful private islands with white sandy beaches and turquoise lagoon will await you here dispersed across Indian Ocean. We help you have an ever-memorable wedding experience in Maldives. You can read here various venues for the wedding in Maldives and packages and cost for your destination wedding in Maldives. Also you will be briefed on various preparations you might need to take. You shall contact us for getting attractive offers for your beach wedding in Maldives.

Venues for the Wedding!

Beach Weddings

In Maldives, most of the destination weddings take place on beaches. And beaches are pretty much accessible and perfect for setting up luxurious arrangement for your ceremony. Needless to say, the very alluring stretch of white sands alongside the azure lagoon itself is already a big contribution to the romantic ambiance of beach wedding. Plus, various set-ups will be available on your demand like stage and coral decoration.

Sandbanks Weddings

Another venue for your wedding can be secluded sandbanks distant from your resort. The main reason why couples choose the sandbars for their wedding venue is for its unmatched privacy and seclusion for their romantic union. The sandbanks will be decorated to their whims in advance. Couples will be cast away to the banks with or without the accompaniment of maids and men.

Underwater Weddings

As an instance of luxuriate and extreme level of uniqueness, the another venue chosen by our guests is underwater set-up. No wonder, this is Maldives, and wonders come true here. Even for the underwater weddings too, there would be adequate arrangements under the lagoon. Couples will be equipped with gears and accompanied by diving experts.

  • Venues for the Wedding - Over Water
    Over Water Weddign Venue in Maldives
  • Venues for the Wedding - Beach Wedding
    Maldives Beach Wedding venues
  • Wedding in underwater
    Wedding in underwater Villa

What a Wedding Package be Like?

Just like any other deals, booking wedding packages will be offering accommodation at the resort where you would like your wedding. Plus, unlike other guests, you will be entitled to have various other complimentary amenities throughout your stay at the resort. Your itinerary or packages will brief you on them further. Speaking for a basic wedding package, guests shall be welcome with special drinks upon your arrival. On the day of your ceremony which you selected, probably a day after your arrival, waiting for you to recover from the weariness of the journey, a grand arrangement will be made where your venue is going to be, sandbank or beach as you wanted. Stages will be set-up decorated with flowers in traditional or western style as you wanted. If you have demanded, there would be maids and men to witness your ceremony and there would be church representative for the oath. You will be provided a wedding cake to cut after the ceremony and a champagne for splashing away your happiness.

Packages for underwater ceremony will include the arrangement for your underwater experience like diving gears and oxygen cylinders along with all the basic elements like cake and champagne. Your church representatives and maids and men will come down with you. Groom and bride will be going down with all the wedding attire put on. Your wedding ceremony will be followed by your honeymoon at the resort in your booked villa with access to various entertainment activities for special arranged for couples. You can expect various extra benefits with special recognition.

Cost for Maldives wedding packages

Cost for wedding packages will be dependent on your requirement. Price may vary as per your demands like presence of witnesses, performance of local cultural programs at the wedding. Anyway a basic cost for wedding in Maldives may start from 5000 USD. For underwater packages, price sure will be even higher. But each penny is worth it. Your experience and wonder will definitely pay off. Besides for wedding, attractive packages are available for various couple ceremonies like Wedding Vows Renewal and Wedding Anniversary. They will be much more like a wedding ceremony in order to restore your togetherness with freshness and soul. You should be starting over your life just like newly-wedded couples. You can express your special needs if any for the best experience.

Legalities of Maldives Destination Wedding!

Even though your wedding ceremonies will look more than real and perfect, your wedding would not have legal validity in your home country. It does not mean your wedding in Maldives might lose any charm. It is way more unique and attractive. Everything will be carried out in its essence. The common run of things is that couples have their normal legal wedding in their home country and coming to Maldives for the grand ceremony of tying the knot. Anyway, you will be provided a marriage certificate of destination wedding with your wedding photographs in a storage device.

Advantages of Tying the Knot in Maldives!

The biggest advantage of having a destination wedding in Maldives is it is like two birds with one stone. Maldives is regarded as the best honeymoon location in the world. So having your wedding in Maldives, you are entitled to enjoy your honeymoon too in this paradise with nothing more to pay and nowhere to go again. Also, you shall have your ceremony in the way you want them to be. You can try a different style of ceremony apart from your traditional one.

Also, you don't have to worry about any aspect of your wedding. Everything will be undertaken by the resort officials from arrangement to oath. Your ceremony will literally be like a royal experience with everything you want on hand. Couples are provided various option for their wedding venues like beaches, sandbanks and underwater. Resorts will arrange grand facility if you are bringing your family too. With all the experiences of travelings and enjoyments, Maldives has much more to entertain you.

  • Lets say  the most precious words -
    Lets say the most precious words - "I do" from maldives


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