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Whether you are cruising through the Maldives or have a plan to stop by, we provide you all kinds of services. After all, Maldives being one of the most popular destination for travellers, might be on your cruise itinerary. Dive into the beauty of Maldives from colourful corals, pristine lagoons, sun-kissed white beaches to amazing marine biodiversity!! 
For Cruising in Maldives, a permit is needed and it takes around 5 to 7 days to get a permit. Inform us well in advance and we will get it ready for you. It will save you a lot of time and no need to wait in the port for your permit to arrive! Following information would be needed for the same:

Important Information for Cruises and Ships

The appointed agent would send the ETA of the Cruise Ship at least 48 hours prior to the Arrival to

  • Maldives Ports Authority
  • Maldives Coast Guard
  • Maldives Customs Service
  • Port Health
  • Immigration and Emigration Officials.

Particulars to be notified to the concerned authorities includes.

  • Name of the Vessel
  • Name of the Master and Nationality
  • Name of Local Agent
  • Name of The Ship Owner / Company
  • Last Port of Call
  • Port of Registry and Number
  • T.A. (Estimated Time of Arrival),
  • W.T.(Dead Weight),
  •  Light Displacement,
  • G.T. (Gross Tonnage),
  • N.R.T. (Net tonnage),
  • L.O.A. and maximum Draught,

Documents that would require

  1. Crew Lists, Passenger Lists,
  2. Health Documents or Certificates,
  3. Certificate of Derating, Ship’s Certificate (Original for Port State Survey), Officers / Crew competency certificates (Original for Port State Survey),
  4. Our services includes preparing Crew lists on request. We would need all details of the vessel and crew and guest’s passport details in advance.


Vessels that are entering Maldives waters are required to display International Quarantine Flag until the health formalities are done upon arrival at Inward Clearance. You also need to display Maldives courtesy flag and vessels registrations flag as well.

Pilot and inward clearance

Our services also include Pilot arrangements, Inward and Outward Clearances and cruising permits. We also provide services on Crew and Guest signing on and off, travel arrangements, airport representatives, ground handling, ticketing and reconfirmations, and transportation to the vessel regardless to which Maldives port the vessel is anchored.


Visa on arrival for 30 days will be issued which can be further extended for 60 days i.e. 90 days from the arrival date. Our services cover visa extension and travel documents.

Bunkering, Provisioning & Supplies at Budget price

Permission is needed for bunkering and the agent will arrange permission from the authorities for the same. It is required that customs & N.S.S. are to be on board while bunkering. Provisions can be done any time and provisions & supplies are needed to be taken via the Customs gate.

Outward Clearance

Port clearance is issued by Maldives Port Authority, Immigration, Port Health and Customs. Once the clearance is issued, the vessel would be informed to sail within 24 hours unless any other changes if informed by the agent/owner. It is important to note that the passengers and crew are to remain on board once the port clearance has been issued and handed over till departure.

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